July 01, 2017

In a nutshell:

  • school website is almost done, but is on hold while the director is on vacation
  • started a new company, called Happy Cat Plugins, with the goal of making user-friendly plug-ins, front-end and back-end.  And it's cute :)
  • designed a few plug-ins - two are currently available in the plug-in store.
  • currently developing and designing the website for happycatplugins.com.  It is still under construction, so if you check it out now, it's probably a jumbled mess!  Sorry!!  I probably should have put a "under construction" page up, but we haven't really gotten any traffic yet so :).
  • gotten really familiar with Bootstrap4 beta!
Plugin Links: Easy Tags and Cute Facebook Like Box

Other thoughts:

I feel pretty comfortable with Bootstrap4 now!  Next step- learning some Javascript so I can start using CSS transitions and add movement to my websites.  I know I can use pseudo-classes like :hover to start the transitions, but I'd love for some the movement to happen on page-load, which means using Javascript to add a class on load.  Argh! I've been putting off learning Javascript- I started a codecademy course on JS and finished the first few lessons, but they didn't seem immediately useful so I'm going to try YouTube.

I would like to use SASS soon- stumbled on it a few days ago, read their website and it just makes so. much. sense.  Maybe I'll use it whenever I redo THIS website as a custom site instead of the theme I chose before I knew how to code!   I think I'm gonna go big and make it a really crazy, stylized website- maybe some Brutalist inspiration, some fashion inspiration, and some realism.  Super 90's but in a re-done 2017 kind of way.  Get excited!

ALSO - I've redone happycatplugins website like three times now.

Check it out:


Mobile Portrait

2nd version:  Image heavy

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.43.52 PM.png

This version was a pseudo-one-page-website.  Scrolled down for full-size image backgrounds with text scrolling on top of each section.


Current version: cartoony/ cute

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.41.59 PM


maybe I'll update this later with more screenshots of the rest of the homepage(s) - I've been doing a lot of "cowboy" style coding/ designing lately - I only mocked up the first version in Sketch.  The last two I kind of just did.  :/ o:D.