China – Day 3 Finding Coffee and more fun facts

Right now, it is 5am and I can’t fall asleep so it is time for a new blog post. I had just started thinking about how I must be superwoman because I’ve been sleeping SO WELL until today….

Yesterday, Friday morning around 8am Tyler asked if we could find some coffee.  Tyler is no average coffee lover- we have about 6 different coffee makers at home and a coffee bean grinder, scale, and special water pourer (can you tell it’s early? What are those called?).

The day before yesterday, we saw a Starbucks outside my aunt’s apartment building.  Spoiler alert, it was closed and won’t be opened for a while.

So Friday morning we asked my cousin about coffee places and guess what? She said they won’t be open until 11am!

The coffee place turned out to be a tea house – you walk in and there are private dining rooms just big enough to fit a table and booth chairs.

Cute tissue box.


We also also ordered tea.


It had dates and berries in it- so sweet and warm.



More Fun Facts:

1. Glasses are tiny.  When you have a bunch of spicy food and one tiny glass of water/ coconut milk, you better ration yourself.

2. Chairs can be tiny.  In the countryside, which I haven’t posted about yet, and in older apartments, people use tiny kid-sized chairs.

3. Tissues are used in place of napkins.

4. There are so many dialects in China – my mom says every city has its own dialect… so it’s no wonder I can’t understand much! I’ve been able to understand Mandarin fine, but I’m quite lost with all the other dialects!

5. I’m continually amazed by the lack of auto regulations.   Check out this parking job lol:



6. Also, double lines are ok to cross for passing. I tell you, it’s a mad world out here on the streets.  Surprisingly though, I haven’t seen a single accident! Maybe it’s because everyone has to be aware, and everyone’s honking the second there’s a slight possibility of collision?





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