August 06, 2018


  • Create a mockup for a new homepage
    • Stay within brand style guidelines
    • Must be modern, clean, elegant
    • needs email capture/ CTA
    • multi-sections
  • Needs to be done in <24hrs


The client needed a mockup ASAP that matched the brand's vision, in the style of a landing page homepage.


  1. Brand Style Guidelines: I provided suggestions and information to help them create a brand style guideline since they did have existing material (logo, app, font choice), but had not created the guidelines yet.
  2. Consultation: Back and forth dialogue (emails, messages) to pinpoint layout, website design style
  3. Execution: This was an overnight project - I used Sketch App to quickly mockup a homepage, using their new brand style guidelines for reference for colors, logos, fonts etc., and the design inspiration/ styles discussed in the consultation period.
  4. Revision/ Review: I believe we went through two revisions in under 24hrs, not too much - the client was wonderfully exacting in stating what they needed the first time, so we were able to successfully complete and close the contract in the stated timeframe.


More information coming soon...