Redesign + Updates

August 08, 2018

Oh what fun!

I'm redesigning again!

It's been a while since I've looked at my website, and I've learned a lot since then.  I've worked on over 28 projects since I started freelancing as a programmer about a year ago - probably closer to 35 or 40 if I include the websites I've worked on with one of my teams.

I'm still a minimalist at heart though, if you can't tell, so that hasn't changed! I like to think I'm more refined now, and I'll be working on cleaning up the unstyled portions of the website -- you see I still have no shame, so as long as most of the site is presentable, I'm OK. It's all about the big picture for me. And the big picture is, I need to have a portfolio on my website, and it needs to look professional.

So, I've redesigned my site with the #1 goal in mind to have a professional portfolio, HOWEVER, I'm not totally throwing away my personal website and opera/ music portion-- I plan on assigning a section of my website to music and singing and fun stuff once I am done with my portfolio.  I'm thinking either a subdomain like or, I could simply do something like, with the 2nd homepage so to speak - going there.  Only problem is, how do I link it and structure it so that's separate from this programming/ professional side?  Does it even matter?

I'm so used to the performing arts world... it's all about being relatable, sharing stories, sharing emotions, being REAL - maybe that's why I like UX and design so much!! It's all about big picture, helping the user, telling a story, achieving a goal.  And yet, I haven't had a lot of practice in the business-y formal type of affairs... like job interviews... a real job... haha.

I have always been a freelancer -- as a musician, every job is a gig.  Except for teaching, which I also love.  Transitioning to freelancing part-time and now full-time for web development was pretty smooth and painless.  However, I miss seeing other people - musicians work together all the time (except for when they're practicing by themselves in a room in the basement with no windows).  Now... I wake up, I open up my laptop, I work, I'm done around 6 or 7pm, and I'm still home, I still haven't really seen anyone else except for my husband.  I've had to make a real effort to make friends since we moved from Kansas City to Milwaukee this February.

In case anyone is reading this -- I will be in Oconomowoc, WI starting next summer, and I want to start my own private teaching studio once I'm there, since I plan on being there for a loooong time. Also hit me up if you know of any web developer positions there so that I don't turn into a hermit.

I also want to start recording myself, and forcing myself to record and upload singing videos. Maybe if I tell the world here, then I'll do it.

Anyways... back to the topic at hand.  I kind of designed this site for myself 😬 and not necessarily for other people.  What do you think? Love it or hate it? Is it boring? The problem with minimalism is that it can look boring :(.  Maybe I will add some more color, but I don't want to ruin it.  Maybe all it needs is a cool graphic.