Learning Sketch

January 20, 2017

Here are the results from some great tutorials I followed to learn Sketch, and one ad at the end that I copied.


My first Sketch tutorial.  My favorite part was making the air vents.  Click here for the link to the tutorial by Nikola Lazarevic. I used this confetti plug-in to make the stars... save yo' self some time!

Difficulty: Moderate (Difficult if you're a beginner!) Time it took me: 3 hours (I didn't know what I was doing!)


This one was much easier. If you're starting out, maybe start with this one. Also by Nikola Lazaveric.

Difficulty: Easy Time: 1 hour

paper lighthouse

Actually, this one was probably the easiest.  Maybe do this one first if you are a beginner. I added some shadows to create a paper effect.  I hadn't figured out how to pull the colors from the original image yet (I know, I know).

Difficulty: Easy Time: <1 hour

RobotcopyI used the noise fill at the very end to achieve a closer match to the end product of this tutorial.

Difficulty: Moderate Time: 2-3 hours (but it could take you a lot less time if you're quick)


I saw this image by OUTLANE on Twitter and decided to see if I could replicate it.  It's missing a shadow here and there, and the size of the background isn't quite right but it is close.

Difficulty: Hard (would have been a lot easier with an Apple pencil or something similar...) Time: 3-4 hours Overall, I am happy with how much I've learned in the last week or so.  Adobe Illustrator is next!   I want to learn how to illustrate like Jenny Yu.

Do you have any favorite tutorials?