Cool Netlify Features

February 16, 2019

I'm thinking about starting a thread/ blog category of me summarizing long articles. Maybe I'll call it "1 minute reads".

Anyway, this article is great: 10 Netlify Features to Surprise and Delight

Here's the nutshell:

Instant Publishing and instant rollbacks

  1. Each successful build creates a new version of your website which is never destroyed.

    • Each update replaces old versions, but if you need to rollback quickly, you can.
  2. You can set up notifications via email/ slack etc for different deployment events, and these notifications include a permalink to that specific build. (See # 1 - each version has it's own link)
  3. You can deploy branches other than master.
  4. You can do split A/B testing easily.
  5. You can customize the build commands per branch.

    • This is useful if, for example, you use different commands for a testing branch than for master.
  6. Free SSL
  7. Continuous Integration
  8. You can use forms and Netlify will take care of the endpoint - you can even set up a notif to slack.
  9. Fast and efficient Redirects
  10. You can control the cache headers and more.

That's my synopsis, you'll have to read the full article (and/or documentation) to get the nitty gritty. 10 Netlify Features to Surprise and Delight