Artist Commissions

August 06, 2018


  • Create new video + photo gallery template
    • videos autoplay
    • combined functionality of existing video gallery and photo gallery
  • Fix a few UX issues (add effects on hover)
  • Speed website up


  1. Examined existing code (this is a custom coded wordpress theme unique to artist commissions)
  2. Fixed the minor UX issues - CSS3 to add hover effect ( black bar on top on hover)
  3. Created new template, using existing code from photo gallery and video gallery, and modifying to allow for html5 video autoplay. Created private test artist and test gallery
  4. Analyzed site speed, determined the DOM/ TTFB was pretty good, but the large quantity of video/photos on gallery pages does slow down page load time - set up behind Cloudflare to reduce page load time by 50%


  • New Photo/Video Template according to the specifications
    • minimal added code, to keep with best practices
  • Optimized page load time by using Cloudflare's CDN